Are You Ready for Some Football?


I was a cheerleader for Pop Warner Football from the ages of 9 to 13. I was a junior coach/demonstrator for Pop Warner from the ages of 14 to 15. I was a high school varsity football cheerleader and co-captain from the ages of 16 to 17. At a minimum of 10 games a season, doing the math that’s at least 80 football games where I was right there, standing on the sidelines. 8 years of my young life.

And how much do I know about football? Zero. How much do I like it? Less than zero. (Though I like Robert Downey Jr very much, thanks for asking.)

Obviously this is not the weekend to be me.

Having three older brothers, I automatically reject the idea that anything is “just for the boys”. I’m actually the only one of of my girlfriends who doesn’t have an interest. My BFF, who was the only girl star player on her Little League team when I was learning cartwheels, is SO into it. She’s always having football parties and knows all the players and the plays. One of my other best friends is a NE Patriots season ticket holder and never misses a game.

I love going to hockey games, even just being at the ice rink. And I love my Boston Red Sox. Football, though? Not so much.

I am, however, a BIG fan of beer and snacks. So, at least there’s that.


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