And So It Begins

I had a free morning, so I took inventory of my saved documents and realized I now have approximately twelve works-in-progress at about 70 to 100K words each. So what did I do? I started another story, of course.

They always say you should write for yourself, just because you love it, and I’ve pretty much lived by that motto for the last ten to fifteen years. But this year will be a little different, as something I wrote was actually accepted for publication. I’ve posted stories before, and received all kinds of lovely feedback and valuable critique … but this is a whole new ballgame.

So, we’ll see how it goes. Perhaps I’ll *still* be the only one reading my stories. And that will be okay. The idea that I could actually reach a wider audience, however, is very exciting to me. Terrifying, but exciting.


2 thoughts on “And So It Begins

  1. I hope you don’t mind I found you here. You had mentioned a blog. I am so excited to read your new novel and to reconnect. I somehow you were EVER the only one to read your stories! Hugs, Sara

    • Hi Sara!

      I’m so happy you found me! πŸ™‚ I’m just starting all this social media stuff–I guess it’s sort of a necessary requirement for publishers, but I have no idea what I’m doing. Hee.

      I’m most excited for those who read my stories before. You’ll find certain things I’m sure you’ll recognize πŸ˜‰ but I have lots and LOTS of new things too. Crossing fingers that my first book won’t be my last!

      SO nice to hear from you. I hope all is well!


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